Springing into action: Wings Across the Ings takes flight

April’s here and the first sand martins, chiffchaffs and wheatears have arrived. Thanks to all for your positive comments about the website and the work going on at Broomhill Flash.

The excavations are well underway and although it looks a mess at the moment, it will all come together in the next two or three weeks. See our plan for Wings Across the Ings project.

On the west side there will be a shallow lake and on the east side a series of shallow ditches running through grassland, all of which will create a new expanse of wetland. Wetlands are really important for wildlife, flood management, fisheries, water supply and climate change adaptation and are reducing or getting polluted across the globe, so we’re really pleased to be doing our bit to help reverse that. Have a look at World Wetlands Day to learn more about wetlands across the planet.

We’ve also paid for the alterations to the RSPB Wombwell Ings hide. This is the best place to see the excavations, so you can now look from the hide to view the wetlands (The Fleet) on one side, and Wombwell Ings on the other. Please park in Broomhill village opposite the Old Moor Tavern and walk across the recreation ground and down the Bulling Dyke to the hide.

We’ve also been doing some enhancements at the Flash with some ditch clearance and creation of new scrapes to provide more feeding and hiding places for wildlife and fish, and the construction of a new island just in front of the hide which we hope will attract birds nearer and provide some good photo opportunities. Let us know if it’s working!

Gareth from Hazelwood Conservation at one of our replacement kestrel/owl boxes

Hazelwood Conservation have replaced one of the old kestrel/owl boxes which had fallen down and we hope birds will take to it for next season (thanks Gareth and Maria!) and you’ll see the roadside and internal hedges have been expertly cut by Greentree (thanks Paul). Sadly not everything goes to plan and we had our iron security gate at the hide stolen the other week. The Police haven’t been able to trace it but are in the process of replacing it.

Until next time, enjoy the arrival of summer migrants and look out for our forthcoming events in April.

One thought on “Springing into action: Wings Across the Ings takes flight

  1. We went to Wombwell Ings a couple of weeks ago to see the Wood Sandpiper and when I saw the excavations I feared the worst with all the housebuilding going on everywhere. A huge relief when some of the locals told us that you were the ones doing the excavations. Well done!!!!!


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