Our partnerships

We are proud to work with a wide range of charities, local communities and conservation experts to preserve Yorkshire’s wildlife. Read more about our partnerships below.

Flamborough Bird Observatory

Flamborough Bird Observatory is one of 20 bird observatories across the UK carrying out long-term monitoring of bird populations and migration. Observatories are found at prime migration points where a daily census is taken in a defined recording area.

Run by a team of enthusiastic volunteers, their aims include: studying and recording the birds of the area, creating and maintaining habitats for wildlife, and promoting conservation in the local community. Their work is reliant upon the help and goodwill of members.

Read more on the Flamborough Bird Observatory website.

Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership

Working with Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership, we’re running an event at Broomill Flash for the public to learn more about the archaeological importance of the land. To register your interest, get in touch with us.

RSPB Old Moor

The RSPB Team at Dearne Valley Old Moor supports our management of Broomhill Flash by mowing the rushes to provide better conditions for breeding lapwings and snipe.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is supporting us at our Denby Delf and Thunderbridge Meadows reserves.

At Denby Delf, Stirley Farm at Huddersfield takes our hay to feed their long horn cattle and also meadow seed to enrich their own fields. At Thunderbridge, we are part of their Fenay Beck Project, which aims to restore water courses by controlling invasive weeds, erosion, and improving riverside habitats.