Our projects

While managing our reserves, we often work on other environmental projects, often with our partner organisations.

Our aim is to support the conservation of wildlife across the region, securing more land, and developing more knowledge about the species that visit our reserves.

Flamborough Seawatch Observatory

Flamborough Bird Observatory (FBO) has produced thousands of records of migrating birds through its volunteer birders.

Dedicated to legendary birders Martin Garner and Brett Richards, the Flamborough Seawatch Observatory is built to provide volunteers with shelter from the biting winds of the Yorkshire coast whilst monitoring migration offshore.

A fantastic collaboration between the Garganey Trust and Flamborough Bird Observatory, we lease the building from East Riding of Yorkshire Council with FBO volunteers looking after the building and its surroundings on daily basis.

The observatory under construction December 2018.

Wings across the Ings

We’re extending the nature reserve at Broomhill Flash to connect it with the nearby Wombwell Ings. This will create 45 acres of new wetland and wildlife friendly farming, as well as improved flood protection for local houses.

Barn Owl and Kestrel Study

As part of a project studying barn owls and kestrels across the Barnsley area, we ring the young of both species which nest in our nestboxes at Broomhill Flash and Denby Delf