Wings Across the Ings

Wings Across the Ings’ is the name of the Garganey Trust’s flagship environmental project in the Dearne Valley at Broomhill Flash. 

In 2019, we will create new habitats and connect existing environmental spaces, with the aim of improving local wildlife.

Our aim is to conserve and improve our wildlife heritage

Wings Across the Ings aims to conserve and improve the wildlife heritage of this part of the Dearne Valley and Dearne Nature Improvement Area, making it richer, more robust, better understood and enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. We also hope to:

  • improve the quality of life and sense of pride in this previously degraded part of Yorkshire
  • increase important habitats and species by creating a new wetland
  • develop wildlife-friendly farming areas, connecting three existing nature reserves
  • provide greater flood risk protection for local residents who were devastated in the 2007 floods.

Where will this happen?

The project centres on the 45 acre arable field located in the centre of three existing nature reserves:

  1. Broomhill Flashowned and managed by the Garganey Trust,
  2. Wombwell Ings, owned by the Environment Agency and managed by the RSPB
  3. Park Hill Nature Reserve, owned and managed by Barnsley Council.

As of January 2019, we’ve purchased of the field from private landowners, and after three years have secured planning permission for earthworks.  An earlier application revealed the existence of archaeological remains, which were carefully excavated and preserved.

What’s the benefit?

New habitats will connect, expand and increase populations of wetland and farmland wildlife. In particular, this will help nationally declining and priority species of waterbirds such as lapwing, snipe and redshank, and farmland species such as skylark, grey partridge and brown hare.

It will provide flood protection to improve the risk of flooding to properties in the valley, with a new flood washland and a more natural connection to the watercourse of the Bulling Dyke.

It will also provide new facilities for viewing the landscape and a range of activities such as self-guided walks and events, looking at wildlife identification, farming, flood risk, biodiversity, local history and conservation management.  

Wings Across the Ings: Site Plan

How you can get involved

We’ve designed a programme of activities for local communities to learn about, understand and be involved in the benefits of the project. This includes virtual information and a series of expert-led walks. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Wings Across the Ings is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, DEFRA, Environment Agency, Greenbank Trust, the Garganey Trust and the Yorkshire & Humber Ecological Data Trust.